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confident raising an ADHD child?

Learn the steps to cut meltdowns in half in 10 weeks

Are you a parent who....

  • Feels overwhelmed by your child's rollercoaster of emotions?

  • Has tried all the typical parenting strategies without success?

  • Is tired of feeling judged by other parents who just don’t get it?

  • Questions if you’re a good parent when you get reactive?

Parenting a child with ADHD is hard

Kids with ADHD have a unique set of challenges, and it makes sense that parenting skills for neurotypical kids haven’t worked for you.

But when you have parenting skills tailored to your neurodiverse child, you and your family can become calmer and more confident.

With expert support and a community of ADHD parents, you can:

  • Be less reactive in the heat of the moment

  • Feel more connected with your child

  • Know exactly what to say and do when challenges come up

"It's been so helpful just knowing how to handle my child. We have been praising all over the place and it's helping sooooo much! I'm beyond thankful for that."

-Ashley, mom of 5 year old

Hi, I'm Dr. Carrie

Child Psychologist and Parent Coach

I help parents strengthen their relationships with their kids with ADHD so they can stop feeling overwhelmed, and be the parent they want to be.

I created this program because as someone with ADHD, I know how important it is to have a parent who can support you through big emotions and the challenges of childhood.

And as a child psychologist, I know that parents of kids with ADHD need practical and actionable support for neurodivergent kids.

I built this program based on my personal and professional experience helping parents of ADHD kids.

"I'm really happy we joined and attended this group as it has had a huge helpful impact on our family. We learned tools to implement in daily life, really delving into why behaviors happen.

For us, changing a lot of our own behavior as parents and our response/ consequences to meltdowns have been a huge positive change for our family.

The tailored and specific help from Dr. Carrie was a huge benefit. It was also empowering to hear other families share. Relating to them in dealing with difficult behavior made me feel like we weren't alone. We finally found support."

-Danielle, mom of 8 year old




What's Included:

  • One 45-min 1:1 call with Dr. Carrie

  • Ten 1-hour group coaching calls

  • Lifetime acces to recordings of calls

  • Lifetime access to recorded trainings, resources, and course

Pay In Full: $1997

or $697/month for 3-months

Common Challenges in Kids with ADHD

Peer Relationships

Kids with ADHD may do or say things impulsively without thinking. This might result in more conflict with peers at school or siblings.

Another common challenge for kids with ADHD is that they may be more likely to interpret others actions and words negatively.

This makes kids with ADHD more aware and worried about potential rejection from peers.

Emotion Regulation

Managing emotions for any kid is difficult but with ADHD it can make emotions feel like a rollercoaster.

Kids with ADHD can have really intense emotions and not know how to regulate them in the moment.

Most parents feel unsure of what to do when their child is dysregulated, and you'll learn practical strategies for what to say and do.


Many kids with ADHD may be forgetful with turning in their assignments and struggle to keep track of everything they need to do for school.

At school, your child may struggle with organization but you could also see these challenges at home.

For example, you might see that your child’s room is messy and they are frequently forgetting or losing things.


Many parents of kids with ADHD share with me that it is difficult to get them to do basic tasks, like hygiene and chores.

Motivation for kids with ADHD isn’t about being lazy. It’s a result of biological brain differences in individuals with ADHD.

Individuals with ADHD often struggle with motivation because of differences in the way their brain processes dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with motivation.

“Dr. Carrie was most of all supportive. She understood the unique challenges that we were facing and provided actionable steps for helping our kids.”

-Lisa, parent of 6 year old

Here's what you can expect when

you join the program


Join the Program


Attend the Calls


Enjoy Your Child

Enroll in the program by clicking on the join now button. You'll receive an email immediately giving you access to the client portal so that you can get started with learning.

Feel supported by parents of ADHD kids just like you through live Zoom calls.

Each week, Dr. Carrie will guide you through practical tips and strategies that you can implement at home.

After attending the calls, you'll ALWAYS have access to your client portal full of the recorded calls, trainings, and resources.

That means if you have to miss a call, it's okay because you can return to it at any time.

“For the first time in a long time we left like we could relate to the stories being shared and the parenting challenges being discussed.”

-Jen, parent of 7 year old

Here's What You'll Learn in the Program:

Week One

ADHD 101

Learn everything you need to know about your child's ADHD, beyond the basics.

A clear understanding of your child's ADHD will help you support them.

Week Two

Executive Functioning

Identify the main areas of executive functioning your child struggles with.

Learn how you can use this knowledge to support your child.

Week Three

Emotional Regulation

Identify the 5 main reasons for emotional dysregulation.

Pinpoint why your child struggles with dysregulation and what you can do.

Week Four

Listening & Defiance

Understand the situations that lead to defiance.

Implement consistent techniques to increase listening.

Week Five

School Support

Aside from home, kids spend so much time at school.

Identify ways to engage school staff and to navigate the 504/IEP process.

Week Six

Social Skills

Is your child struggling to get along with siblings or peers their age?

We'll discuss 3 tips to support social skills.

Week Seven


Organizational skills are important to instill at a young age.

Set up an organizational system that will work for your family.

Week Eight

Time Management

Most ADHD kids struggle with being on time and managing time.

Learn how to use time estimation to set them up for success.

Week Nine


Understand more about ADHD medication as a support option.

Hear from other parents experiences on what to expect and how to navigate medication.

Week Ten

Wrapping Up

We'll spend our last calls pulling everything together.

You'll feel confident in what to do at the end of our group.

Money Back Guarantee

Join the first call to make sure the program is a good fit for you, and if it isn't, send us an email within 7 days for a full refund of the cost of the program. No questions asked.


What if I'm not sure it's the right fit?

If you're not sure if it's the right fit, join the program and attend the first call. If you don't think it's a good fit after the first call, email us within 7 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

When will the calls be?

Calls will be scheduled for either Tuesdays at 5:30pm PST or Wednesdays at 10am PST.

What if I struggle with consistency?

I built this program knowing that ADHD runs in families so my strategies are made for busy parents who may also have ADHD.

What if I have to miss one of the calls?

Not a problem because you'll receive an email recap after each call and a recording!

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