are you ready to feel confident in

how to parent

your adhd teen?

An online coaching program for parenting tweens & teens with ADHD is coming soon!

Feeling lost with how to handle your teen's:


emotional rollercoasters

reliance on you

Raising Independent ADHD Teens

A specialized coaching program on raising tweens & teens with ADHD.

You don't have to spend any more time reading books or listening to podcasts trying to figure out the best way to support your teen with ADHD.

What you truly need is easy to implement tools tailored to raising happy and confident ADHD teens.

Parenting Teens with ADHD can be Difficult...

A harder workload, more classes, emotional changes caused by hormones, and pressure to fit in with peers is tough.

Plus, many teenagers are often looking for more independence and autonomy while still struggling with basic things.

Yet most ADHD parenting resources are only made for younger kids with ADHD.

It's time for parents of teens with ADHD to have their own support

Parenting an ADHD teen

can be easier

If you have the right tools

With strategies and support that actually makes sense for teens with ADHD. No more suggestions on routine charts and lists.

When you feel understood

By finally having someone who understands what it's like to have ADHD and knows the challenges it comes with.

No matter when you're starting

Whether you're new to your teen's diagnosis and are feeling overwhelmed or have had the diagnosis for a while and are ready for fresh tips.

It's never too late to learn how to best support your ADHD teen


raising independent


A 6-month coaching program for parents to learn to raise independent tweens (10-12) and teens (13+) with ADHD

with BONUS course for your teen


what your teen will learn:

  • Why ADHD affects emotions

  • 3 steps to becoming a flexible thinker

  • How to manage RSD (rejection sensitivity dysphoria)

  • Coping skills that actually work for ADHD

What You'll Learn in the Course:

Module One


Learn how to talk with your teen in a way that is productive and builds a strong relationship.

Understand why arguments often happen between teens and their parents.

Module Two


Learn the reason that teens with ADHD may appear unmotivated and the biological reasons behind it.

Implement conversational skills that help motivate your teen to do challenging things.

Module Three


Understand the differences in parenting roles that parents of ADHD teens often take on (e.g., the micromanager).

Increase your child's independence with added responsibilities

Module Four

Emotion Regulation

Understand why teens with ADHD experience difficult emotions

Teach your teen ways to implement emotion regulation strategies and how to respond in the moment

Module Five


Learn strategies for helping your teen succeed in school and homework

Stop having arguments over homework with set expectations that will help your teen and you feel more confident

When YOu finish the COURSE...

You'll feel confident and ready to manage the challenges and joys that come with parenting a neurodiverse teen.

Here's what you can expect when you enroll


Instantly access Resources


Learn actionable Skills


Enjoy A Stronger Relationship

enroll now in

raising independent ADHD teens

Support for both you and your teen with ADHD

  • 5 modules with quick lessons

  • Actionable tips that help you support your ADHD teen

  • Learn to communicate better with your teen and build a stronger relationship

  • 4 modules of ADHD tips

  • Strategies to make studying, emotions, and friendships easier

  • Understand how to manage your ADHD and use it as a strength


How long will the program last?

This program will be 6 months long and will be held via Circle.

How do I know the program is right for me?

This coaching program is designed specifically of parents of tweens and teens looking to learn skills for emotion regulation, motivation, and responsibilities.

What if my teen hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD?

Not a problem! If you still have concerns for inattention, hyperactivity, or executive functioning, you're a great fit for the program.

What if my teen doesn't want to learn skills?

That's okay! Even if you ONLY use the parent course, you will still walk away with a better relationship with your teen than when you started.

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